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Mariana & Jonny – Old Hunstanton, Norfolk

We started this shoot in freezing cold rain and a strong wind and we almost gave up. As we were walking away from the shoot for a cup of tea the sun showed itself and the wind died down a little. The area just lit up and looked stunning. Jonny and Mariana are such an easy couple to photograph and I cannot wait for their wedding at Heacham Church followed by a small gathering at a beautiful private house and gardens.

Mariana & Jonny-001Mariana & Jonny-002Mariana & Jonny-007Mariana & Jonny-009Mariana & Jonny-020Mariana & Jonny-026Mariana & Jonny-031Mariana & Jonny-037Mariana & Jonny-054Mariana & Jonny-053Mariana & Jonny-064Mariana & Jonny-080