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A ride around the coast

I have been out on the bike quite a bit this January, so today I decided to bring my pocket camera and pocket tripod and have a play with some long exposures.

I may have left it a little late because as soon as I got to Hunstanton, the light had almost gone. By using a pocket tripod, you are quite limited in how you can compose your shots. Challenging yourself like this is no bad thing and is a great way to improve your photography skills.

The first photograph was a 1 minute exposure. The sea was quite choppy, but this is smoothed out by opening the shutter for a long duration like this.

2 minute exposure

The second photograph was a 4 minute exposure. The sun had almost completely gone by then which is one of the reasons for the longer shot. This is quite beneficial though as it smooths out the movement of the water even more.

Hunstanton Long Exposure Photographer

I could have taken one of my SLR’s and full size tripod in a rucksack, but I really do like the challenges of being a minimalist. It’s also great not to have a heavy bag on your  back making you all sweaty while you bike around the coast. As all of the kit fits in my pocket, I think I will be taking it out on more rides this winter.